ERP for Power Transmission

ERP for Power Transmission Industry

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“eresource Nfra is a powerful ERP for Power Transmission Project Sector”

ERP for Power Industry

Today the Power Transmission sector started moving towards integrated
system planning because generation capacities are distributed unevenly in
different regions. In this scenario every company in sector is in need of
powerful ERP system that will assist them to manage their Power Transmission and Distribution business effectively. eresource Nfra our ERP system developed for Industrial Substation, eliminates all paper work and manual process inefficiencies and enables all your business data getting processed electronically. Being a cloud-based and web browser-based ERP system, eresource Nfra helps you work from anywhere at any time. All the decision makers an users  are given right to work and check permitted information on real-time basis. With eresource, work process and decision making becomes easy.

ERP For Power Transmission Sector - Functions and Features

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Comprehensive multi-site Project Management capabilities

Our system ERP for Power Transmission sector will help organizations to generate accurate and timely invoices based on work completed and get accurate results on project costs. The system has comprehensive multi-site Project Management capabilities and it provides details of the daily progress of each sites.  The system provides full accounting details including the material management, warehouse management, movement of heavy equipment and manages receivables and payables, etc.

An ERP system for electric power asset life-cycle management

eresource is one of a few companies that provides Enterprise Resource Planning system for the power generation industry. Today, we offer a full enterprise solution encompassing all of the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), through our resource planning (ERP) system to power generation companies. eresource Nfra offers software solutions for electric power asset lifecycle management, asset integrity management, reliability-centered maintenance , distributed assets maintenance, spares and repairs management and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

With the introduction of an exclusive ERP for Projects based Industry, eresource Nfra, construction firms have found a reliable and cost-effective ERP system for their business. Earlier usage of different software for Project planning, Project Estimation, Scheduling, Risk Management and other activities related to construction have become obsolete. eresource Nfra has roofed up all activities under one system by having a perfect modules which takes care of all operational activities for an construction industry. The benefits what eresource Nfra has brought to Project industry is beyond any comparison.
Today eresource Nfra has been used by major construction firms worldwide with its prime market being India, all countries in the Gulf region that includes UAE and Qatar as well majority of African countries. eresource Nfra ERP system gets constantly updated with new features that makes all your operations and quick and easy.

We highlight here some of the prime benefits of eresource Nfra.
• Automated administration increases productivity
• Customer-oriented system takes centre stage to manage all activities
• An efficient and economic ERP system for mid-sized businesses
• Digital documentation management helps flawless working method.
• Advantage of Web-based, Cloud-based application
• Cell phone compatible business ERP solution
• Work from anywhere, anytime advantage.
• Systematically designed modules
• Quick information data transfer
• Increase your return on Investment
• Gain operational excellence

Every organization that includes construction firms need to comprehend for a broadly associated future. Mobiles are a standout amongst the most generally utilized innovation. With the simple to-utilize applications, it enables employees to get documents, archive, share and alter imperative task data even while on the jobsite.
eresource Nfra ERP framework is a completely versatile mobile ERP application that can be used effectively from any of your cell phones with the assistance of web. It makes work simpler for everybody in the organization as all are being associated with each other, at each moment of working hours. Passing data and taking quick choice in view of the data traded, makes decision making easier.

eresource Nfra ERP system for Contractors has been is integrated and customized for multi-users and multi-functions. With core modules that focus on project planning towards increased profitability. Eresource Nfra ERP system is comprehensive and user-friendly. It can be configured rather quickly and can integrated with additional modules that will be required to overcome any challenges.

Many of the contracting companies and other construction have been running their business with tight profit margins, as well as uncertainty. A single unfruitful event can throw a project off their hand. With a comprehensive ERP system like eresource Nfra deployed in these companies will be able sort out these problems and will allow the user to work comfortably under any situation. Nfra ERP system fully integrates into all stages of your project and it can really boost profits.