ERP for Printing and Packaging

eresource Xcel - The most sought-after ERP Software for Printing Industry

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eresource Xcel ERP Software for Printing & Packaging Industry

  • Order based Manufacturing

  • Sales Quotation Costing

  • Product Costing

  • Job Estimation

  • Finance Management

  • Production Campaigns

  • Machine Scheduling

  • Quality Management

  • Scrap and Regrind Stock Handling

  • Inventory Management

Xcel ERP Software for Printing & Packaging - Functions and Modules

Benefits of eresource Xcel in Printing and Packaging industry:

  • >> Improves the productivity of process and personnel
  • >> Lowering the cost of products and services purchased
  • >> Inventory reduction
  • >> Lead time reduction
  • >> Reduced stock obsolescence
  • >> Faster product / service look-up and ordering saving time and money
  • >> Automated ordering and payment, lowering payment processing and paper costs
  • >> Increases organizational transparency and responsibility
  • >> Accurate and faster access to data for timely decisions
  • >> Can reach more vendors, producing more competitive bids
  • >> Improved customer response
  • >> More controls thereby lowering the risk of misutilization of resources
  • >> Facilitates strategic planning

Frequently Asked Questions:

A integrated web-based ERP software provides a degree of interoperability that was difficult and expensive to achieve with standalone, custom-built systems. eresource’s web-based ERP serves many industries and numerous functional areas in an integrated fashion and automate operations from supply chain management, inventory control, manufacturing scheduling and production, sales support, customer relationship management, financial and cost accounting, human resources and almost any other data-oriented management process.
With an ERP system like eresource, business operations have become much easier. For example, when a salesperson enters an order in the field, the transaction can immediately flow through to other functional areas both within and external to the firm. The order might trigger an immediate change in production plans, inventory stock levels or employees’ schedules, or lead to the automated generation of invoices and credit evaluations for the customer and purchase orders from suppliers.
Every growing organization must realize that ERP systems have become the most significant IT investment for most companies in their capital budgeting.

As far as any business is concerned, customer demand is by far the most influential factor. Manufacturing industry is one of the businesses that strive to make a nation grow with its contribution to the national economy. And a country that gives priority to its manufacturing sector could achieve success in its mission to bring the country into the mainstream of world business. India’s new initiative in this phase, ‘Made in India’, is moving in the right direction with many overseas companies are finding our nation as a fertile soil to manufacture their goods indigenously.
eresource, a purely indigenous Manufacturing ERP software, is contributing largely into the growth of manufacturing business by providing one of the excellent technology. When the automation becomes way of life no companies can keep away from this technological advantage. Understanding the need of every industry, eresource has come out with industry specific ERP system for every industry verticals and ‘eresource Xcel’ is an exclusive ERP for manufacturing industry. eresource Xcel, a viable ERP system that has been integrated with all essential modules for manufacturing industry.

Following are some of the prime advantages of eresource Xcel Manufacturing ERP,

  • Optimizes the inventory
  • Easily accessible
  • Provides a more precise overview to help make business decisions quickly
  • Improves planning of production
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Keeps the process regulatory compliant
  • Handles all the accounts and finance reports