ERP for Pharmaceutical

eresource BPRO, An ERP system for Pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug & API Manufacturers

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Get more with ‘less’ factor of eresource Bpro

Process Manufacturing ERP Modules and Functions

  • less time is spent on entering, reviewing & approving data

  • lower cycle times (less quarantine time)

  • less on-hand inventory is needed

  • with less inventory, less storage space is needed

  • less time is needed to archive & store batch records

  • less product waste is generated

eresource Bpro ERP for Pharmaceutical - Functions and Features

eresource BatchPro brings new lease of life for pharmaceutical companies

Web-based eresource ERP system has been developed to support all major pharmaceutical business operations. The system has been incorporated with many advanced individual modules that could take care of functioning of every department efficiently. As far as pharmaceutical industry is concerned quality management tops the priority list and keeping this factor in mind eresource BatchProERP has been designed in a unique style.

Guaranteed On-time implementation by eresource

One of the other factors that make eresource BatchPro ERP system’s success is its Implementation and user training method. eresource BatchPro ERP system’s on-time implementation is a people and process-focused and this is the best way to manage the risk effectively. This good methodology of eresource BatchProERP system implementation process covers all the bases including a thorough user training method. The training will help the user to handle minor technical snags themselves without any negative consequences.


Frequently Asked Questions:

In a process industry ERP system, factory floor is always on the focus, specifically on the operator/user who is the most intelligent agent in a manufacturing environment. With an ERP system implemented, automatic data capture provides real-time updates to your inventory, improving the speed, ease, and accuracy of data capture. Each operator/user is connected through the ERP system, to everyone else in the plant floor, and to all plant floors within the organization. This operations-centric manufacturing environment-where information is shared within and between plants and planning in real time – is truly the efficient supply chain.

Innovations and developments over the past few years in the Information Technology have resulted in a reduction in labor, and the widespread use of process control instruments. These developments have increased information flow between the plant floor and the ERP system. ERP provides required support to business process in a smooth and steady manner. And the system also enables the real-time, plant floor information to control information in a manufacturing environment.

By leveraging eresource Bpro ERP for Process Manufacturing, companies can boost their competitive position. Through benefits such as optimizing production, ensuring compliance and presenting a more environmentally conscious brand to their customers, companies can attract more clients while also gaining revenue through increased efficiency. eresource Bpro ERP system’s automation capabilities and reduced spoilage are just a few of the many factors that can make your day-to-day processes easier while also optimizing opportunities for revenue.

The bread and butter of any business is ensuring that your efforts are generating a profit. With cost tracking and profitability measurement tools, you can use the often complex information regarding the cost of materials for recipes and formulas to measure revenue and other financial factors. eresource Bpro ERP Process manufacturing system could track ingredient costs based on chemical characteristics such as potency and the quantity that’s used. Additionally, the system enables to measure and calculate how much wasted ingredients and raw materials cost your business.

Following are some of the prime benefits of eresource Bpro,
• Optimizes the inventory
• Easily accessible
• Provides a more precise overview to help make business decisions quickly
• Improves planning of production
• Reduces administrative costs
• Keeps the process regulatory compliant
• Handles all the accounts and finance reports