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Industry-specific comprehensive ERP for Canada!

Improves business & profitability

eresource is an ERP system that improves your business processes to become more profitable.  It is a comprehensive and economical ERP system for all industrial verticals in Canada. eresource ERP provides its clients with a competitive advantage, enabling them to be more competitive, flexible and profitable.

Work from anywhere

In today’s changing work environment it is important for software applications to be sophisticated and more flexible.  Quick information data transfer and access to information at your will at anytime from anywhere can make business process and decision making easy and viable. And with eresource ERP you will have all this freedom at your finger tips.

Most affordable ERP

Gone are the days when companies have to spend a fortune for implement ion of an ERP system. With the advent of eresource ERP, Large to SMBs from various industrial segments now enjoy having a full-fledged ERP system within their limited budget.  Being a web-based Cloud-based ERP system eresource becomes the most affordable ERP in the market.

Exclusive ERP solutions for all industry verticals

There are large numbers of players in the market today in the ERP segment. However most of these ERP solutions are tailor-made for certain industry segments and majority are them designed to cover some particular industry segments.  Many a time, the extent of customization/configuration and modification of these packages may not show the desired result and companies have to depend on various other applications for their major business process.  This is where eresource ERP system stands different.

Professionals in eresource felt the importance of providing an exclusive ERP solution for each industry segments which would fulfill their unique requirement.  Our exclusive products,  eresource Nfra for Construction & Infrastructure, eresource Xcel for Discrete Manufacturing, eresource Bpro for Process Manufactuirng, eresource eTrade for Trading & Distribution and eresource 3GL for Logistics & Fleet Management are in high demand in many parts of the world. We thought it is the right time to brings these products in Canada that would benefit many businesses in this country.


Canada ERP Software

4 mins Product Summary


eresource ERP within reach of midsize companies

Today more and more midsize companies are looking to replace outdated ERP systems or jump into the technology for the first time. A recent research survey says, “in the small and midsize business (SMB) segment, which continues to outgrow the overall market, companies are implementing ERP systems in response to new customer requirements and the desire to participate in the global market.”  eresource ERP solutions are designed to suit the requirement of large and mid-sized companies alike within a limited budget.  This web-based Cloud-deployed system can also be deployed under its SaaS (Software as a Service) model on monthly subscription basis.


ERP Solutions for Your Industry

Nfra ERP system helps overcome challenges faced by project-based industry. eresource Nfra for Projects Based Industry is an effective solution for the complex projects and challenges that Project Contracting companies face. The system allows you to work more transparently and project costs are estimated in a more accurate method.

One ERP Software for all Manufacturing

ERP Software for Discreet Manufacturing to Capital Goods Manufacturing manages functions right from planning, developing, sales forecasting or any other important business operation. It is created to offer a cross-sectional view of all the key operations for a manufacturing company, eventually reducing the chances of errors and data duplication.

One ERP Software for all Process Manufacturing

A suitable ERP for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, personal care, paints, inks, coatings and adhesives. The system has integrated with Quality Control module that takes your manufacturing process to a level where there can be no compromise.  Batch mode is based on a formula or recipe that produces a specific number of end items. The system allows you to define different processes for items based on batch size, because many processes vary by quantity.

One ERP Software for all Logistics

Logistic companies which have their own fleet of trucks or any other transporting vehicles need a flexible and efficient FMS – Fleet Management System for their administration. The fleet management system developed by eresource is indispensable to a fleet manager, in order to increase profitability, the availability and efficient use of the fleet of vehicles. The system also serves and manage as a ready reckon er in maintaining fleet history, fuel usage,& about driver details. Even areas like vehicle insurance,asset management,tire management, inventory management, lorry receipt management as well as other expenses related to operation of your fleet of motor vehicles could also be managed by the system.

One ERP Software for all Trading & Distribution

eresource ERP - eTrade for the trading Industry helps wholesalers, Traders, Distributors empower the sales and monitor trends and manage true order profitability.  eTrade comprises of business functions like Sales Order PRocessing, Purcahse Order Processing, Different price matrix, Channel Sales Management, Inventory and Material Management, Accounts and Finance Management. The enables you to adapt best business practices as well as leading computing technologies accepted by the trading industry



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Solution to Fit your company Size

ERP for Small Enterprises

eresource ERP solution allows Small Enterprises to maintain a low total cost of ownership and the scalability and the flexibility to support all business needs.

ERP for Mid Enterprises

ERP despite its name is not just for enterprises only. Almost every business regardless its size can benefit from eresource ERP solution.

ERP for Large Enterprises

In order to improve efficiency and to have better information integration, Large Enterprises should have an effective ERP system in place.

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eresourceerp-logo Enfolysis App

Information at Fingertip. Build your own Analytical reports as per your business needs.

eresource Enfolysis is a Platform used by eresource to provide your organization a panoramic view of data, which can be easily accessed at anytime from anywhere, but with Valid credentials. eresource Analytical reporting can be easily customized, so that you may tailor the reports as per your needs.

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Requires no particular hardware / software configuration, additional maintenance and support cost, and highly paid IT staff.

Easy to Use

eresource is Entelligent and extremely Easy – to – use, easy to Navigate, customizable, scalable, ERP solutions for all Industries.

Runs Fast

Designed on Latest Technology, eresource is the lightest ERP solution. eresource Runs fast even on Cloud Environment.

Web & Mobile ERP

eresource is 100% Web and Mobile ERP solution. You can now access your information anywhere and at anytime.

Complete Security

Regular data backup and 99.9% uptimethat assures 100% secured environment with disaster recovery facility running 24×7.

Experienced Team

Experienced Business Functional Consultant advocates all ERP implementation and liaise with primary stakeholders throughout the entire project